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Georgetown is located in Scott County, Kentucky. As of 2016, it was home to over 33,440 residents. Within the state, it is the seventh largest city by population. When the city was established in 1784, it was initially referred to as Lebanon. After six years, the name was changed to honor President George Washington. It was not until 1846, however, that the new name was formally recognized. Once Kentucky became an official U.S. state in 1792, and formed Scott County, the city became its seat of government. The average age of residents is 31.7 years.

In 1782, Elijah Craig, a Baptist preacher, directed his congregation to the region and established the new settlement of Lebanon. Craig was able to create a few of the first mills available west of the Appalachian Mountains, which were used to manufacture cloth and paper. He was also responsible for founding a distillery in 1789, as well as the Rittenhouse Academy. The school expanded to become Georgetown College, a private liberal arts college in the downtown region of the city.

After the civil war, the town became a railroad hub. One of the railroads became known as the “whiskey route” due to the fact that most of the area’s bourbon on the market came from it. The 20th century was able to diversify the economy of Georgetown, as it no longer relied solely on agriculture. The changing times allowed industries such as manufacturing and small businesses to prosper. The construction of Interstate 75 in the 1960s, positioned the city along one of the busiest highways in the nation.

The largest economic influence of the area was the addition of the Toyota plant in 1985. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky was responsible for creating the greatest period of growth in the history of the city. The company is the top employer for Georgetown, as it employs over 9,543 people. Other notable employers include Scott County Schools, Adient, Toyota Tsusho, and Georgetown Community Hospital.

Georgetown is continually expanding to encompass new enterprises and opportunities. In 2017 alone there were 728 new business licenses granted. Local companies have received large investments that have made it possible to create more jobs for residents. The city is committed to community involvement, which is why the government has made efforts to offer more ways to connect and listen to feedback. The willingness of the citizens to adapt and grow has led Georgetown to flourish.

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