Home Automation Benefits for the Elderly & Disabled

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Elderly & Disabled Home Automation Lexington, Kentucky

Imagine a home that knows your daily routine and schedule. Blinds automatically open in the morning, lighting adjusts as you move from room-to-room and appliances know when you need them. Smart homes, or homes equipped with automation systems make this possible. For some, home automation systems are seen as a luxury, but for the elderly, impaired, or disabled, home automation provides a sense of security, and independence in the luxury of their own home.

Reduces Energy Bills

  • Thermostat control: You can save money on your utility and energy bill if you choose a system with automated options. A Security Essentials & Home Entertainment automated home system offers temperature control features that can significantly reduce your energy costs by allowing you to program your thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home to compliment your schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Lighting and appliances: From your smart phone or tablet you can turn off any lights or appliances when you leave a room or turn them on before you enter a room.


  • Medication reminders
  • Medical testing reminders

Home Safety

- Security: A home automation system can help you feel secure in your own home when it is connected to a security system. For example if you have a medical emergency, you have access to the help you need. Simply press a button on your security system or and someone will be sent quickly without having to dial 911. Monitored fire and carbon monoxide detectors, flood detection, and temperature alerts are some additional safety benefits.

- Secure doors and windows: Window sensors can alert you when a window is left opened, unlocked or broken. Similarly, doors can be monitored and notify you of an unlocked or forcefully opened door.

- Lighting: With home automation you will not have to worry about stumbling around in the dark. Lights can be turned on and off automatically when you enter a room or from a wireless device.


- Blinds: There are several automated options available for those needing assistance opening and closing blinds or drapery. For an easy and affordable option, install electric blinds on a tract that can be controlled by a switch or controller.

- Automatic doors: For those who use a wheel chair or just have trouble opening doors, automatic doors can make life more comfortable. A powered door opening system can be operated by a switch, button,remote or even a mobile device if connected to a control system.

- Powered cabinets and drawers: Those who find it difficult reaching items placed high in cabinets or cupboards maybe forced to move everything to a lower level and deal with an over-crowed space. Powered cabinets are an excellent solution to this problem. If you install electric tracks on the wall and the back of the cabinet you will be able to lower your cabinets when needed and raise them back up when you need to use counter space.

- Video monitoring: A home automation system paired with IP surveillance has unlimited applications. For example, a networked door entry system with wireless locks paired with camera's at all entrances and an intercom system is perfect for those who have trouble hearing the door bell or walking back and forth to open doors. This way when the door bell rings you can get a phone alert, be able to see who is at the door, talk to them and even unlock the door all without leaving your seat. And the best part, with this system you will be able to do all the above from any remote location, whether you are home or away, with your own smart phone or tablet. Contact Security Essentials & Home Entertainment for more information about home automation or IP surveillance.

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