Commercial HD Security Camera Systems

Optimized Business Security with Real-Time Monitoring

Surveillance is Budget Conscious

It may be time for your business to get some extra security. One option would be to hire security guards to patrol the doors and parking lot, but that means paying someone a substantial hourly wage to stay awake at night and watch your assets, and that may not be in the budget.

A more budget conscious option may be to install an HD Security Camera System with Security Essentials of Lexington. With up to 64 camera views, our HD Security Camera Systems allow for maximum flexibility, range, customization, and remote access, offering help in protecting your business - even when you're not on the premises.

When you choose Security Essentials of Lexington for your project, you will have peace of mind that it will be done correctly and promptly. All of our surveillance systems come with a best in the business one year replacement warranty on all equipment.

More the Better

With any HD Security Camera System, it is best to install more than one camera to optimize the coverage. Some prime locations are at all entrances/exits, where money is located (cash register, vault, etc.), and employee break rooms. If you sell merchandise, it’s also a good idea to point them at the merchandise floor to catch shoplifters in the act.

HD Security Camera Systems in the Workplace

HD Security Camera Systems become even more powerful when companies and organizations move away from implementing surveillance as an end in itself to working out a broad policy of how video can be used strategically in the day to day running of the business. When HD Security Camera Systems become a part of the organizational culture, businesses can realize significant benefits in terms of security, employee productivity, and improved bottom lines.

High Quality and Quantity

High quality images are an important advantage of using our HD Security Camera Systems. It is having the ready availability of evidential quality video footage that will be the difference between our competitors and us. In the unfortunate situation where security has been breached, this video footage that you now have collected with your new system becomes evidence, and plays a vital part in nailing down perpetrators and collecting information.

Advantages of Owning our HD Security Camera System

Remote Access

One of the biggest benefits of modern HD Security Camera Systems is the fact that they can be accessed from a number of remote locations through various devices like a computer or smart phone. So, no matter where you are, you know what's going on.


With our network of HD Security Camera Systems they have allowed organizations to take proactive control of their security. With these changes, for the first time, individuals and businesses have an opportunity to be actively involved in their risk management and loss mitigation. Many businesses are therefore introducing highly sophisticated HD Security Camera Systems so they can protect people and assets, minimize liabilities and avoid trivial lawsuits.

Real Time Monitoring

Traditionally, large companies have always enjoyed the benefits of analog video surveillance manned by security experts. In the past, the events captured on video were used to uncover important information and act as evidence after the event had occurred. But, newer technologies allow users to monitor and respond to events in real time stored right on your network or NVR.

Crime Deterrent

Seeing a camera, or a signage warning of cameras, can be unnerving to a would-be criminal. The saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies here. When dealing with crime the goal is always prevention, and having an HD Security Camera System can certainly help.

Improve Productivity of Employees

Another major benefit of having our HD Security Camera System is improved productivity in the workplace. Many business owners’ primary motivation for installing our HD Security Camera System is not the threat from without, but the threat from within. When thinking of loss prevention one typically thinks of people stealing goods from a business, but what about employees who routinely “steal” an employer’s time, by not doing what they are paid to do when they are paid to do it? The day our HD Security Camera System is installed, much of that will stop, potentially having a dramatic affect on the business’ bottom-line.

Legal Protection

Among all of the other benefits of owning our HD security camera system, legal protection is probably one of the biggest concerns we hear today. With our system it can help reduce fraudulent liability or employee claims. It serves as a big benefit to accurately portray what exactly went on in your business while you were away.

To secure your business today just call (859)-B-SECURE (859-273-2873)

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