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Do I Really Need an Alarm for my Home?

On average 6,000 burglaries occur every single day in the United States. That’s 250 burglaries an hour or 4 burglaries a minute, with the average loss ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 per burglary. How can homeowners feel safe knowing that these crimes are committed so frequently and seemingly randomly? This number is horrifying. The sheer volume of burglaries committed in the United States is enough to make anyone want to take the measures needed, regardless of how small or large their home is, to prevent this from happening to them. But how can that be achieved?

Fortunately, the answer is simple and it only requires four measures, all of which Security Essentials of Lexington can provide.

In a study conducted by Temple University in coordination with the Alarm Industry Research and Education Foundation (AIREF) there are four proven measures an individual can take to maintain safety and prevent home invasion: preventative measures, managerial measures, deterring measures, and detection measures.

Preventative measures aim to make the potential burglary more difficult and time consuming for the individual or individuals committing the crime. If a burglar has to take excess time to enter a home, they will not continue on with that burglary. Installing deadbolts, window locks, and placing bars on susceptible windows help slow a burglar down and thus reduce the risk for burglary.

Managerial measures help deter crime without having to physically add anything to the home. These measures include taking precautions, while away from the home for extended periods of time, that would make anyone who may be keeping tabs on your home believe that the home is still occupied. By alerting the police that you will be away, having neighbors watch your home, and stopping the mail and newspaper delivery in your absence, the potential of a break-in is reduced.

While Managerial measures help with avoiding crime during long term absences from the home, the third measure helps with everyday prevention of crime. Deterring measures are security precautions that are likely to reduce the risk of a break-in when the potential burglar is scoping out homes to victimize. Homes that appear empty or lack proper lighting are bigger and easier targets for a burglar. Therefore, exterior lights, active interior lights, electrical devices within the home that function on timers, and obvious security cameras outside the home make the property less likely to be burglarized because it appears that someone is home or watching in on the house.

The final and most important measure one can take to stay safe from burglary is detection. Detection measures are the last resort for burglary detection, the last line of defense for the home. Detection measures are security measures that detect the presence of someone who does not belong in the home and then in response to that threat, sends an alert to the police or homeowner. The only way this measure can be achieved is through a security system.

An alarm system for your home is by no means necessary but the only way a threat can be detected while you are not home is with an alarm system. Once a burglar is in your home the best thing that can happen is for you and the authorities to be alerted quickly.

By choosing an alarm system through Security Essentials of Lexington you can fulfill all of the necessary measures to prevent burglary and can feel safe in your home knowing that you are protected at all times, even when you are not there. Security Essentials of Lexington specializes in residential and commercial alarm systems, electrical device and lighting automation, and HD video surveillance, which are all components of measures that have been proven to prevent home invasion and burglary.

Sources for this article come from:, “A Study on Burglar Alarm Effectiveness for Suburban Homes...”

by Dr. Simon Hakim, and

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