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To ensure that your business is as safe as possible, Security Essentials of Lexington, serving Lexington and all the surrounding areas, wants to show you a few business security tips you may not have heard to ensure your business’ security.

Computer Access

Regardless of how many computers your business uses, you should ensure that anyone who has access to the computer system has designated levels of access. The owner should have full access, and then based on their position at the company, employees should have other varying levels of access. Every worker should have a username and different password, and you should make sure that your employees only use their own login information. It is also important that your employees log out of the computer whenever they leave the computer area. In our technologically connected day and age, digital security is almost as important as physical security, so be sure that your business’s technology is as safe as your business’s building.

Key Handling

Only essential personnel should have keys to the business. All of the keys that are distributed should be numbered and coded to ensure that you can track where the key is at all times. If someone loses a key, all of the locks that their key had access to need to be changed immediately.


The lighting around your business is incredibly important for security measures. Well-lit entry-ways, exit-ways, and parking areas are essential for your employees, and will lend to better security footage if something ever does happen. You should also make it a habit to leave a few lights on in your place of business when you close down for the night. This makes it appear as though someone is in the building, and also makes it easier for police who are on patrol to see inside the store to make sure everything is as it should be.

Office Security

A good security system is incredibly important for any business’ security measures. Motion detectors, 24-hour monitoring, and security cameras are a must for complete security. All of your windows and doors should have monitors on them as well. If your business does not sit close to a main road or in an open area, audio alarms are a good choice because these noises usually deter criminals.

Security Essentials of Lexington

If you are ready to ensure the safety of your business, Security Essentials of Lexington is here to help. At Security Essentials of Lexington, our first priority is the safety and satisfaction of our customers and their property. Offering commercial security systems, HD camera monitoring, silent alarms, intrusion alarms, and a wide range of other top of the line security measures, Security Essentials of Lexington can help give you complete peace of mind knowing that your business is safe. We understand what a business needs for it to be as secure as possible, and we can work with you to design the perfect security system to meet all of your needs. If you are interested in or have question about any of our security packages contact Security Essentials of Lexington today.

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