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With over 30 years combined experience in the corporate HD security camera and alarm monitoring industry, the staff at Security Essentials of Lexington knows all too well the perils of the "little guy". We've seen customer's needs be neglected because companies had the security of a three to five year contract ensuring residual income no matter the level of service being provided. Security Essentials has no desire to lock you into a contract. We want to make getting quality security monitoring services simple and cost effective. Whether you're a small business wanting to protect your company and its employees, or a homeowner needing to ensure the safety of your loved ones, Security Essentials is ready to serve your custom security, alarm and home entertainment needs throughout the entire state of Kentucky and Ohio.

Our Products

When you choose Security Essentials of Lexington, you can guarantee the products being installed in your home will meet all your standards. Featuring HD IP security camera services, and award winning alarm monitoring services, you will feel safe knowing that Security Essentials is watching over your home. Alarm systems are the most frequently used security choice in Lexington homes. Because we understand that different people need different things in their security systems, Security Essentials of Lexington offers customizable options so you can rest easy knowing that all of your security needs are being met. Our alarm systems offer a range of security features like flood and fire detection and prevention, carbon monoxide monitoring, panic buttons, and battery backup options.

Our HD security camera services include everything from equipment installation to our verified video monitoring alarm services. We offer advanced security camera options for your home. Security cameras and 24-hour monitoring allow you to be at ease knowing that your home or place of business is being monitored at all times of the day. If something is to ever go amiss, Security Essentials of Lexington will quickly alert the nearest authorities to ensure that the issue is dealt with, and will also alert you so you are always in the loop when it comes to the security of your home or business. By ensuring that you and the proper authorities are notified immediately if a break in or vandalism occurs on your property, you can assure that the issue will be resolved quickly.

Security Essentials of Lexington offers custom pricing and custom quotes for every business and household. The price ranges for our HD IP security cameras and security systems can be adjusted appropriately to meet your security and budget needs.

Our Dedication

Security Essentials of Lexington believes that excellent customer service is critical. With customer service on the decline in recent years, SE wants consumers to know that there are still companies out there that care how they are treated. Security Essentials of Lexington takes your home alarm monitoring and HD security camera needs to heart. From the first phone call, SE wants you to know that we're different. Our trained professionals will be on site the same day in most instances or the next day at your earliest convenience. We have a growing customer base of 400+ clients and are proud that all of them have been 100% satisfied with our service. When you hire the service professionals at Security Essentials & Home Entertainment, you will be too. SE personally guarantees it.

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