What Burglars Look at When Choosing a Target Home

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What Burglars Look at When Choosing a Target Home in Lexington, Kentucky (KY) like Lock Type

When it comes to home security, there are many ways to make your home not super enticing to a potential burglar. We are here to tell you what burglars look at when choosing a target home in Lexington, Kentucky. Our goal with this guide is to, hopefully, prevent burglaries from occurring and contribute to keeping our community safe. 

Type of Lock

One key thing that burglars look for when choosing a house to break into is whether or not the home has a deadbolt. Deadbolt locks are key in order to prevent home invasions. Without them, it is easy for someone to disengage any other type of lock. Oftentimes, non-deadbolt locks can be opened with just a credit card. A deadbolt is a whole lot harder to open and many burglars are not willing to risk themselves by trying to break into a house with a deadbolt.

Lights Being on All Day

Many people, when they go out of town, are under the impression that leaving the lights on in their home will dissuade a burglar because it gives the illusion that they are home and not actually out of town. However, this is not actually the case. Experts, including burglars themselves, have said that when all the lights are left on in a middle-class home in the middle of the night, it is pretty obvious to them that they were left on to dissuade burglars, making the home much more likely an easy target. 


Burglars also like to target homes where they have watched the neighborhood and tracked people’s patterns. A house with the most predictable coming and going patterns are likely going to be targeted because burglars will know exactly when someone will be home and when they will be gone. 

Nice Cars Parked Outside

Homes in more rural or isolated parts of a neighborhood are also much more likely to be targeted since people are less likely to witness someone breaking in. It is also not uncommon for well-maintained homes and those that have fancy cars parked outside to be targeted. These are the homes that look like they would be worth breaking into.

While some of these things are ultimately unavoidable, there are ways to make your home more secure. Not only can you install a security system, but there are also many other things you can do.

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