How To Use Your Security System to Keep Your Children Safe

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As a parent, keeping your children safe can be a full-time job. No matter the age, if your children are not in front of you there are nagging questions about their safety and well-being in the back of your mind. There is no question, a home security system is the best choice to protect your family and possessions from burglars, but did you know that the same system can help protect your children daily from hazards in and outside your home?

Surveillance Camera's

- Monitor your children and sitter while you are away: If you have young children it can be hard to leave them with a sitter. Even if you are only gone for a short amount of time you still question their safety and care. With home security camera's you can check-in anytime on your mobile device and see what is happening in real-time.

- Keep an eye on your teenagers while you are away: Even if your children are old enough to be home without a sitter, that doesn't mean that they are safe or even home for that matter. Video surveillance can give you peace of mind knowing that your children are home when they are supposed to be, doing their homework or chores, and safe. As an added bonus, they may even be more inclined to stay out of trouble because they know you are watching.

- Get things done around the house: If you have small children it can be difficult to get anything done around the house. By placing IP surveillance camera's throughout your home, in the backyard, and around hazardous area's such as a pool, you will be able to watch your children and tackle the never ending to-do list without having to chase them all day long.

Door/Entry Sensors

- Keep Children out of Dangerous Area's: Door sensors are designed to alert you of a burglary but they can also be used to alert you when your children are entering area's they shouldn't, such as a gate to the pool, utility room or any room with sharp objects or collectables. Also, the same sensors can be used on gun safes or medicine cabinets. If these sensors are triggered you can choose to hear an alarm or get an alert sent to your smart phone.

- Extra layer of protection: As soon as your baby is mobile you will find out how child-proof your home really is. Even if you are confident that your home is completely child-proof, entry sensors offer the extra layer of protection that you need. Sensors can be placed on cabinets where medicine, chemicals, guns or any other harmful materials are stored. Again, once a sensor is triggered you will be notified in time to potentially prevent a dangerous situation from turning into a tragedy.

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