7 Ways to Keep Your Property Secure

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Most people know that there are many different ways to keep your home secure, such as closing window blinds, locking doors, or installing alarm systems. But, fewer people are aware of how to secure your property. Luckily, these seven simple steps can help keep your property secure:

  1. An easy way to keep your property secure is to be aware of whom you invite onto your property. When you invite people onto your property, you are giving them access to all of your belongings. Make sure you are aware of guests you do not know that have been invited to your property. Also, never leave contractors or general laborers unattended on your property or limit the amount of access they have to your property.
  2. To keep unwanted guests away, post signs on your property, including “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” signs. Also, if you have a home security system, post signs that the property is being monitored. It is important to ensure that the signs are well maintained and easily visible in order to be effective.
  3. In order to decrease hiding and cover for potential thieves, keep the property clear of visual obstructions around the perimeter. If there are less hiding spots, than there are less opportunities for thieves to target your property.
  4. Outdoor lighting is an easy way to secure your property. Timed outdoor lights or photocell-controlled lights can deter potential thieves. Installing outdoor floodlights with motion sensors can also keep the property lit and can startle a thief when the lights turn on. It is important to keep the outdoor lights free from vegetation so the lights can illuminate as much of the yard as possible.
  5. Simple things like keeping a vehicle in the driveway can also help make your home and property look occupied even when you are not home.
  6. Another way to help secure your property is to get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors can help keep your property secure while you are away by keeping an eye on any visitors or by getting your mail.
  7. The easiest way to keep your property secure is to keep all valuables out of sight. If a thief easily sees your valuables, then you are giving them a reason to break onto your property. This not only applies to the valuables in your home, it also applies to any valuables stores in garages, barns, or other locations on the property.
There are many simple ways to keep your property secure while you are home or away. If you follow any or all of these seven steps, you will be improving the security of your property and protecting it from potential thieves. Another great way to secure your property is by installing a home security from Security Essentials in Lexington. Our team of security experts can help you secure your home and your property so you have the best security in Lexington, Kentucky!

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