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Commercial Audio & Video Systems for Business & Entertainment

Commercial applications take special expertise. If you are a restaurant/club owner or a commercial building contractor, you can depend on Security Essentials of Lexington to provide a superior audio/video solution. From cabling to final component installation & fine tuning, our staff can deliver the perfect system for your needs.

Security Essentials & Home Entertainment is a full-service audiovisual systems integrator specializing in the design and installation of distributed audio and video systems. Our services encompass virtually every aspect of audio and video integration.

Designed systems for your organization

Our experienced team of designers will work with your organization to develop the ideal design and exceed your highest expectations through a combination of experience, support, value, and state-of-the-art technology.

Our commercial audio & video systems

Security Essentials of Lexington can design and install a system to distribute high-definition video throughout your space to multiple displays from multiple sources. From one display to more than twenty, we can implement a system that will meet all your multimedia and digital signage needs. We can help you deliver a targeted and pertinent message in real-time using eye-catching displays, distributed audio, and easy-to-operate control systems.

Effective solutions for your business

Whether you require distributed video and audio for a restaurant, bar, retail space, fitness center, or house of worship, Security Essentials of Lexington can provide you with an effective yet simple to use system. Choose from a wide selection of HD LED flat screens, or projectors and wall screens to meet your organization’s needs.

Outdoor video solutions

Our new 4K LED television installations represent the ultimate in the outdoor video experience. Some of these TVs that we install are completely weather proof. They stand up to rain, dust, insects, and extreme temperature variations. Their extra bright LED panels and anti-reflective screens reduce glare and increase contrast. Not only will these TVs look great, but they stand up to the complex challenges that are inherent to commercial outdoor applications as well.

Commercial audio solutions

Any source in any room or space, that’s what distributed audio is all about. Whether you’re in the break room, kitchen, office, lobby or even the restroom, Security Essentials of Lexington can distribute audio anywhere. Any source means it can come from the paging system, radio, CDs, iPod, satellite, or media server. Security Essentials of Lexington can make the entire installation discreet so you won’t see the components or wire; you’ll just hear the delightful sounds.

Outdoor Audio Solutions

The most basic way to provide outdoor entertainment is with one or more pair of outdoor speakers. Better coverage and a far better outdoor experience are provided when you have several sets of speakers operating at a low volume instead of one pair of speakers playing extremely loud. The sound you get from our speakers is amazing and they can be discretely placed to provide the best coverage.

In Closing

When you choose Security Essentials of Lexington, you’re choosing to work with an organization that’s equally as focused on the satisfaction of your clients as you are. We provide you with the tools, expertise and products you need to help you get more business and fully meet the needs of your customers. We fully support you and listen to your every need through the entire design/development process by providing a level of service unmatched by others. Our development successes range from single unit multimedia re-designs to audio/video/home automation implementations for entire development projects. We’re a company built on personal relationships and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your project.

To secure your entertainment needs for your business just call (859)-B-SECURE (859-273-2873)

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