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The sun is shining and the snow is melting, Spring is finally here! Time to drag out the grill and enjoy the outdoors. Sounds amazing, but before you start enjoying fun in the sun it's obvious that a little spring cleaning is due. Landscaping, painting, repairs and lots of cleaning is a perfect way to make your home shine, and it's also a great opportunity to build onto the security of your home. Studies show the number of burglaries rise with the temperature, so be sure to clean with the security of your home and family in mind.


  • The winter months can be devastating to your lawn, landscape with security in mind. Don't plant large shrubs or bushes near windows or entry ways and trim any existing foliage no higher than two feet tall. Thick or tall shrubs provide ideal hiding places for potential burglars.
  • Remove any dead shrubs, branches and debris from your lawn and clear out any overgrown areas.
  • Check the bulbs in all exterior lights. Add small solar lights around the perimeter of your property and consider installing motion sensor lights near your garage, shed or any other low lit areas.
  • Plant barrier bushes under exposed windows or gates. Rose bushes are beautiful yet uninviting.

Secure tools, ladders, equipment and shed

  • There's lots of work to do after a long winter and heavy snow but as you drag out your mower and every tool in the shed don't forget to lock them back up before you call it a day. Obviously, any equipment and tools lying around are easy targets for the common thief but leave out your ladder and you could have an unexpected guest.
  • Install quality locks on your outdoor shed and add motion sensor lights as needed.

Home security

  • Walk around the exterior of your home, day and night, and look for any weak spots in your security. Winter weather can weaken door and window frames, and cause problems with door and window sensors and locks.
  • If you choose to redecorate or move around any furniture, make sure any changes do not interfere with your security system. Check camera angles and relocate motion detectors as needed.
  • Choose blinds, shades or window treatments that cover windows so that the inside of your home is not visible from the street, and keep valuables out of plain sight.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • Fire and carbon monoxide poison is the leading cause of death in homes. Fortunately, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can significantly increase your chance of surviving such hazards. There should be alarms on each floor of your home and near all sleeping areas.
  • You should be frequently testing the alarms in your home to ensure they are working properly but now is a good time to go ahead and replace the batteries. Replacing all batteries at the same time saves you the time and trouble of having to do one or two a month year-round.
  • Replace entire units that are ten years old or more.
  • Consider installing monitored carbon monoxide and fire alarms for extra protection. Security Essentials & Home Entertainment's home alarm systems offer the benefit of alerting homeowners and the fire department when a fire or carbon monoxide leak is detected.

Cleaning supplies

  • The sun is finally shinning but you're not happy with all the exposed dirt and grime. Before you start scrubbing your home make sure the room is properly ventilated.
  • Use non-toxic cleaning supplies, especially around animals, and small children.
  • Never leave your cleaning supplies unattended and be sure to store them on a high shelf, out-of-reach of any small children.
  • Keep all supplies in their original containers with labels.


  • Heavy snow and ice can damage gutters. Before the spring rain begins to fall, check that your gutters are secure and draining properly.
  • Cleaning gutters is not an easy or fun task. It can be dangerous and time-consuming, but think twice before you put it off another season. Dirty, leaf clogged gutters can damage your roof over time.

AC units

  • You may not need cool air just yet but now is a good time to have your AC unit checked by a professional to ensure that your system is working safely and efficiently.
  • Replace or clean filters once a month. Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase your energy bill.
  • Window units allow burglars easy access to your home. Make sure to secure units by attaching it directly to the window frame.

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