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It can be challenging to run a retail store even in perfect conditions. It is much harder to successfully operate a retail store when you have to worry about theft and shoplifting. Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent shoplifting in your retail store, as well as different security systems to deter thefts, as described below:

  • Create a written policy on shoplifting – It is important for every retail store to have a well researched, written policy on shoplifting that is used to deter theft. All employees should be trained on the shoplifting policy so they know what to do when they suspect or catch a shoplifter. Additionally, you can include coded PA messages that can be used to alert employees of a potential shoplifter. The policy, along with a warning sign, should be posted in visible locations throughout the store. High traffic locations, such as dressing rooms, are important places to post signs to remind people that stealing is wrong.
  • Utilize customer-messaging tactics – Simple customer techniques can prevent stealing from the retail store. Start by saying hello and acknowledging customers as they enter the store. Encourage employees to check on customers while they are shopping to see if they need any assistance. In general, greet customers and keep an eye on them while they are in the store to reduce anonymity, and thus, decrease the chances of shoplifting.
  • Do not hide your security measures – In general, shoplifters are less likely to steal from your retail store if the security cameras or systems are obvious. Also, keep an open line of sight from the cash register to the entrances so cashiers can watch customers as they come and go. If possible, lower display heights so the cashier has open views of a large portion of the store.
  • Invest in the right security system hardware – One of the best ways to prevent burglaries and thefts at your retail store is by having the right theft prevention tools.
    • Every exterior door of retail stores should have high-security dead bolts that can deter intruders easily. In general, commercial grade dead bolts can withstand up to ten blows from a hammer without budging.
    • All retail stores should also be equipped with a reliable alarm system that can alert the owner if anything is happening. Most alarm systems can be preset to automatically alert the police if the alarm is triggered.
    • Alarm systems are even stronger when they are equipped with one or more security cameras. The alarm systems and security cameras can work together to deter crimes and to investigate any crimes. Security cameras can either be run 24 hours a day or they can be equipped with motion detection to start recording if there is any movement. The key to successful security system use is to install them at strategic locations, such as store entrances, exits, or cash registers.

If you need to increase your security system in your retail store in order to prevent burglaries or thefts, look no further than Security Essentials of Lexington. The team of security experts can work with you to determine the right equipment to improve security in your store. Contact us today to see how we can help you install security systems in Lexington, Kentucky!

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