Home Security Tips for the Elderly

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Home Security Tips for the Elderly

In more recent years, the elderly has become a target for crime. Phone scams, fraud, and financial issues are most commonly associated with crimes against elderly individuals. Unfortunately, the elderly are also in danger of crimes in their homes because they are seen as an easy target for criminals. At Security Essentials of Lexington, serving Lexington, Kentucky and all the surrounding areas, we want to give a few home security tips specifically for the elderly.


Communication is key. Make sure you have daily communication with someone outside your home so they know that you are safe. Because the elderly have a higher rate of being victimized by crime, they often isolate themselves in an attempt to stay safe, which can lead to loneliness and a decreased mental and physical state. Do not let yourself be isolated. Make sure that you are in contact with others helps maintain your physical and cognitive function. In addition, make it a point to learn about the latest home security options. Ask around or look up security companies who can answer your questions for you.

Basic Rules of Home Security

  • Make sure you keep your doors locked at all times. Regardless of the area that you live in; crime can happen, so ensure that your doors are kept locked to eliminate easy access.
  • Have a peephole installed on your front door and always check to see if you know who is on the other side of the door. This allows you to decide whether or not you want to interact with someone you do not know and can help you avoid feeling unsafe.
  • Bring a phone with you to the door. If you choose to answer the door for someone you do not know, have your phone in hand to call for help if you must.
  • Do not leave an extra key anywhere on your property. Give extra copies of your key to members of your family or trusted friends and neighbors.
  • Installing a reinforced door and doorframe is a great option for doors that face the outside of your home. If your home is older this can be especially beneficial. Consider having a screen or glass door installed on your front door as well and keep this door locked as another barrier between you and people you do not know.

Security Systems

For more advanced security measures, home security systems are the best way to keep you and your home safe from crime. Security systems are especially beneficial for elderly individuals because not only do they help with home safety, they are also great safety measures when it comes to fires, medical emergencies, and carbon monoxide protection. Motion censored lights are an excellent way to deter criminals before they enter your home because well-lit areas are less targeted for crime. Security systems also give you the ability to have someone monitor your home for 24 hours a day. Security cameras add an even greater level of home security because even if a crime still manages to occur, it will be caught on camera which makes the likelihood that the criminal will be apprehended much higher. Home automation is another great resource to invest in, not only will home automation systems make your day-to-day life easier, they can also help reduce crime when you are away from your home.

Security Essentials of Lexington

At Security essentials of Lexington, we are dedicated to our customers and pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We take your home monitoring and alarm system needs seriously, and you can trust that our company will make you feel safe. Featuring fully customizable security system packages, Security Essentials of Lexington is just who you need to make sure you and your home are kept completely safe. Secure your home by contacting Security Essentials of Lexington today.

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