Farm Security: Protect Your Livestock and Equipment

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How safe is your farm? How protected are your livestock and your equipment? It is becoming more and more important to protect your farm from everyday crime. Lexington Farm security has become an important issue of late. It is well worth the effort to put an effective plan in place. At Security of Essentials of Lexington we want to help you protect what is yours by providing you with information to help you develop your own farm security plan.

Photos and Documentation

When it comes to your livestock and horse farm security, documentation is a very important step. It is important to have documentation and pictures of all of your animals. For instance, good pictures of the horse’s body (each side), face and any special marks that would help identify it including scars, tattoos, brands, etc.

If the animal’s appearance changes noticeably between summer and winter, you need pictures from both seasons. You can also have your livestock micro chipped. You can purchase microchip sets fairly cheaply from places like NetPosse and many vets micro chip animals as well.

Mark Tack

Be sure that all of your tack is marked with some type of identification – bridle tags, name plates, etc. Name plates are the best because they are difficult to remove. It is also recommended that you also mark your tack in an unseen area since bridle tags and name plates can be removed. Marking under the flaps is a good idea. Take pictures of all tack and keep it locked in your trailer making sure you use a trailer hitch lock.

Keep Access Gates Locked

A good place to start with farm security is at your access gate. Pass code securing or locking it at all times will make sure that only people who you want to access your property will be able to enter. Keeping only one entrance and one exit in front of your office or your home will also make sure that people are seen that are coming and going.


Assessing your fencing is also important when it comes to security. Pipe and wood fencing are more durable and difficult to break which provides more security. Electric fencing will also enhance the level of security provided. Putting up no trespassing signs and surveillance/security signage on gates, fencing and along the perimeter of the farm are also a deterrent to criminals.

Security Systems

Purchasing a security system is also an option. Security systems are often very affordable and offer multiple HD IP security cameras. You would need a weather resistant system for barns with a low light and even infrared capability to be able to see in the dark. A system that provides color is also helpful when trying to identify suspects clothing, etc. You would need to decide how many and where to install your cameras - every set-up is different. You may want to have a camera in every stall, at the entrance, in tack rooms and even out in the pastures. The security systems of today allow you access to your cameras online so you can view them anywhere at any time including on your phone. This same system can also be used to foal watch and check on your animals that have other health issues. Not only will it help keep your farm safe from outsiders but you can use it to monitor things internally.

Keeping your farm secure is one of the most important things that you will do. We can help you at Security Essentials by providing security and monitoring and complete farm security In Lexington Kentucky.

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