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Keeping your office secure should be a top priority for any business regardless of how big or small it is in size. Your company’s employees and business information needs to be kept safe and secure at all times. In addition to installing a commercial security system from Security Essentials of Lexington, these simple steps can also increase the security of your office:

  1. Keep track of all personnel - Throughout the course of a day, an office has numerous people going in and out, including employees, maintenance personnel, and visitors. Your office should have a reception area that is never left unattended to monitor the personnel entering and leaving. All employees should wear identification badges with pictures. All visitors should be given a guest badge while on the premises. The badges should include restrictions to only allow people access to the locations they require for their job. The badges should never be traded or loaned to anyone else!
  2. Secure all entry doors – All entrances besides the main reception entrance should be locked at all times. The main entrance should be locked outside of business hours. Use RFID chips in employee badges to allow employees to enter specific entrances. Do not allow entrance doors to be propped open under any circumstance.
  3. Increase parking lot safety – A simple way to increase the safety of the parking lot is to install lights so it is well lit at all times. In addition, install security cameras throughout the parking lot to monitor any suspicious activity. It is wise to encourage your employees to keep their car windows closed and vehicles locked with all valuables stored out of sight in order to decrease theft.
  4. Hide valuables – All valuables should be hidden from sight in both the office area and all employee cars. If possible, keep your valuables with you at all times. If you cannot have them with you, then lock up your valuables in either in your car or your office. Unattended wallets, purses, keys or important documents can easily be stolen without supervision.
  5. Shred confidential documents – All documents with sensitive employee or business information should be shredded to protect the employees, business and clients. If these sensitive documents cannot be shredded, they should be stored in a secure location.
  6. Encourage employees to report security issues - You should train all employees to alert security promptly if they witness or suspect suspicious activity. Also, all broken windows, doors, or locks should be reported as soon as possible to the appropriate personnel.
  7. Maintain advanced security systems – Every business should have a security system in place to monitor their business around the clock. Security Essentials of Lexington is a commercial security alarm company that provides advanced security systems to businesses, such as commercial alarm systems, motion detectors, and video monitoring. Additionally, your software and computer data should be kept secure with security software and virus protection. You should keep an inventory of all hardware and software that is critical to your business in case of a breach in security.

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