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Beneficial New Home Buyer Tips Lexington, Kentucky

Security Essentials has some New Home Buyer Tips that may prove beneficial for the New Home Owner

Security Essentials & Home Entertainment has some New Home Buyer Tips that may prove beneficial for the New Home Owner. If you happened to purchase your home in the new year 2016! CONGRATULATIONS!!

SE wants to help you start your New Year off with some home security information to ensure your year stays happy and safe. Here are our top three New Home Owner topics to get you started…

Change all locks

Before you start unpacking, make arrangements to have all the locks in your new home changed. Chances are you have no idea who has a copy of your key and access to your home. This also gives you an opportunity to invest in the security of your new home by upgrading to quality locks, deadbolts and strike plates. Unfortunately, your new home does not come with an instruction manual, so if there is an existing security system Security Essentials & Home Entertainment is here for you. We will completely update your current system to SE standards, teach you how to operate your system and update all codes free of charge when you choose our contract free, 24/7 monitoring for only 19.95/month. Lastly, do not forget to change any and all codes that provide access to your property, including garage doors. SE can ensure your new codes are for your family only.

Look at your new home through the eyes of a burglar

If you were a burglar, could you break into your home? Look around the exterior of your home for missing screens, check your windows and doors for weak locks. Keep your garage door closed and locked. Check all outdoor lighting and consider installing motion sensor lights around all entry points. Reevaluate your landscaping; having tall trees or big bushes around your windows could provide some excellent hiding spots for burglars. Make sure to keep your doors locked to your vehicles and do not leave any item(s) of value in your vehicle that a thief could see. They will not hesitate to break a window out, grab your valuables and run like the wind!

Observe your surroundings

Moving can be a very hectic and stressful time but it's very important that you take time to get to know your surroundings. Because you are new to the area you are not yet aware of what is normal, so how will you be able to pin-point suspicious activity? Take time to observe the daily routines of your neighborhood and the types of vehicles that your neighbors drive. Familiarize yourself with the flow of traffic on your street; how common are service providers, construction crews, deliveries, solicitors, etc? If you are really new to an area it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a crime report of the area from the local police department. And don’t be shy about asking a new neighbor if there is a neighborhood crime watch for your area. These groups prove to be highly effective and extremely helpful to keep you up-to-date about any “not so good” activity in and around your new neighborhood. Make sure, if you have children, they know their new house # and who to go to if you are not home and they need help.

Security Essentials & Home Entertainment is proud to offer affordable solutions for protecting your family, no matter how big or how small the project, with monthly rates as low as $19.95 a month and no long-term contract! To secure your home or business call 859-2-SECURE (859-273-2873).

Let us make your family feel Secure and get you feeling protected 24 hours a day.

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