10 Security Tips for Children Who Are Home Alone

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Knowing that your child is home alone can be stressful for parents. There are several precautions that can help take the worry out of the situation for both you and your child. Being informed, prepared and equipped are the keys to keeping your family safe and secure.

1. Have a check-in plan.

If your child is getting off a bus, walking home or being dropped off you want to know that they made it home safely, are inside and have secured the home. This can be done via a phone call or various security system alerts.

2. Install a Security System

At Security Essentials of Lexington we can help you with a residential home monitoring system that will work for you. By installing some type of system that includes security alarms, you can have the capability of monitoring your home from a monitor, computer and/or your phone. Having a security system can ease your mind whether you are at home or away.

3. Make Your Neighbors Aware

Getting to know your neighbors is always a good idea. Being aware of who lives around you and identifying those whom you can count on to look out for your family is extremely helpful when you have children. Trustworthy neighbors will help alert you to any problems and will help keep an eye on your home and your children.

4. Always Lock Your Doors

Always keeping your doors locked even if you feel as though you live in a safe neighborhood is just a good practice. Dead bolting the doors is the best scenario. This will obviously help keep anyone out of the house that should not be there.

5. Practice an Emergency Plan

Make and practice an emergency plan in the event that there is a fire, tornado warning, etc. Walking through these scenarios with your children is imperative and making sure that they know what they should do if you are not there as well.

6. Close Blinds and Turn on Exterior Lights

All blinds should be closed and exterior lights should be turned on so that the outside of the house is well lit. A well lit house is definitely a deterrent to intruders. Security systems equipped with lighting sensors are a great option. HD Camera Systems can also be used to monitor the interior and exterior of the home.

7. Dogs Help

Owning a dog not only serves as a deterrent to criminals but they also can keep a nervous child company.

8. Never Leave Spare Keys Outside

If your child is entering the house alone, make sure they have their own key or security system code to get into the house. They should not be retrieving a key from a hidden spot around the house.

9. Have Your Child Take a Self Defense Class

The more information your child has about self defense, the better you both will feel. Taking a self defense class will teach them how to protect themselves given any situation. Many of these classes are offered free of charge.

10. Have a Call List

Leaving a list of names and phone numbers of individuals who know that your child is going to be home alone is very helpful. Sometimes just knowing that there are people they can call if needed is comforting.

The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be that your children are safe while home alone. Our professionals at Security Essentials of Lexington look forward to helping you.

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